Custom Sports Mouthguards

Custom Sports Mouthguards

Sports and athletic events are one of the leading causes of dental injuries. The absence of mouthguard during sports further exposes teeth to potential danger and increases the risk of severe injuries. Mouthguards not only protect the teeth from severe damage but they also serve as a deterrent to severe injuries to the head.

Dental injuries can lead to teeth loss and pulpal injury. In addition, a severe blow to the base of the skull in the vertical direction can cause a concussion. Custom-made sports mouthguards can substantially prevent the occurrence of such instances.

Here are some of the vital ways in which mouthguards prevent oral injuries:

  • Mouthguards act as a buffer between the teeth and other soft tissues such as the cheeks and lips and protect them from bruising and lacerations
  • The equipment serves as a cushion to direct blows to the jaw or chin by redistributing the impact of the forces. This protects the teeth from fractures and jaw from dislocation.
  • The mouthguard protects the upper and lower teeth from sudden seismic contact in case of a fall or a blow to the chin.
  • Mouthguards serve as a form of support to the mandible cushioning it from the damage that can be caused by an unsupported movement of the lower jaw.
  • The equipment serves as a deterrent to neurological injury by acting as a shock absorber. In the absence of a mouthguard, the trauma caused due to the meeting of the upper and lower jaw can potentially distribute along the base of the skull and result in concussions.
  • They also serve as a positive reinforcement in preventing instances of neck injuries.
  • Mouthguards also have a positive impact on the psychology of the athletes. Numerous studies suggest wearing mouthguards gives athletes the confidence to be more aggressive.
  • The equipment effectively fills edentulous spaces, in turn, providing the necessary support to the adjacent healthy teeth. Mouthguards also serve as a protective cushion for permanent and removable dental restorations.

Custom-made mouthguards

The design of these types of mouthguards varies depending on the athlete who will be using the equipment. A qualified dentist designs custom-made sports mouthguards by taking a player’s dental history and requirements into consideration. A thorough study of the sports an athlete participates in is conducted in addition to carrying out detailed research on the injuries sustained in the past to create a design for the mouthguard. For instance, an athlete plays lawn tennis which does not involve a lot of contact and collisions then a mouthguard with thickness relatively lower than those used in contact sports can be made. There are two types of custom made sports mouthguards namely single-layered and multi-layered. The single-layered mouthguard is 0.8 inches in thickness and uses ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and is manufactured using a vacuum machine. These mouthguards can be fabricated in the office itself. On the other hand, multi-layered mouthguards are 0.15 inches using pressure lamination. Multi-layered mouthguards are manufactured using multiple sheets that are pressed together on the cast of an athlete’s teeth using high pressure and heat. These mouthguards are best suited for athletes participating in contact sports. Custom made sports mouthguards provide effective comfort and fit in addition to offering maximum protection to all teeth including posterior teeth.

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